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When's the Best Time to Train ?

When's the Best Time to Train ?

Best Time To Train  

 So when's the best time to workout? First thing in the morning? Squeezing a workout in during your lunch break? Maybe straight from work?

Unfortunatley this question doesn't really have a clear cut answer. Every individual is unique so therefore everyone's bodies are different. From a purely scientific perspective, studies have shown that the human body's hormone levels peak in the late afternoon into early evening. Typically around 4pm - 7pm. This would make the muscles in your body respond better, to any form of physical training, so therefore it's better to workout then...surely?? From a scientific viewpoint the answer is yes.

What happens if you can only train in the morning? Will you be able to still make sufficient gains in your weight training or improve your fitness through cardio training? Of course you will.

One of the most popular times of day to exercise is around 5pm. This is due to a series of factors. Firstly studies have shown it's the time when people feel most energised (the majority of people just aren't morning people) It's no fun lifting weights when you're still half asleep! Another major factor is that working out at this time fits into the majority of our schedules.

With all of us living such busy lives now a days, the most important thing is that we make sure we workout, not nesseccarily what time we workout. If you can only fit your workout  in the morning before work, then exercise in the morning. The same applies with the afternoon, as well as the evening. What we must make sure of is that we are regularly training and exercising at a high intensity if we are serious about making improvements in both our physique and athletic performance.

Whatever time our life and body decides on, it doesn't matter whether it's 6am or 6pm, it's vital that we consume Whey Protein before and after training. Your post workout shake will deliver all of the nutrients needed to the muscles that have just been put under stress and broken down minutes earlier during your workout. A post workout shake containing a 2 : 1 carbs to protein ratio no later than 40 minutes after exercise is key. Why not try our OPTI Recovery? It'sa perfect blend of Maltodextrin, Proteins, Glutamine and other BCAA'S

So when's the best time to workout? Simple, any time when you can regularly committ to performing an intense, varied workout. Find that time that suits you as an individual and stick with it! ...

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